Convert Nokia X7 to global variant (Nokia 8.1) with Android One


Got a Nokia X7 from China and looking to install Android One on it? Buy this service, and we will convert your Nokia X7 to Nokia 8.1. That is, we will install Android One ROM on your Nokia X7. You can then seamlessly access Google apps and services, which are missing from the Chinese ROM.

  • Get full access to Google services.
  • All officially supported languages are included.
  • Get stock Android Pie.
  • Regular Android One software updates directly from Nokia/HMD Global.

Tested on 64GB + 4GB variant of Nokia X7. But other models should be eligible too.


  1. Windows PC running Windows 7 or newer.
  2. High speed internet connection to download 2GB of files.
  3. TeamViewer for connection.

Note: Kindly use your active email address to place the order. After placing an order, please wait for an email from us. We will discuss with you and arrange a suitable time when you and our team member is available.

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Nokia phones sold in China run on a customized operating system. Google services are blocked in China, so, the Chinese variant uses alternatives to Google apps. Although you can easily install Play Store, the itegration is not as good as the Android One variant.

If you are not happy with the Chinese ROM, then you can buy this remote conversion service. We will install Android One on your Nokia X7 by remotely connecting to your PC using TeamViewer.

How to know if your Nokia X7 is running the Chinese ROM:

  1. Open the Phone/Dialer app.
  2. Dial *#*#227#*#* .
  3. Check the software version displayed on the screen. The Chinese ROM will have “CN” within the version whereas the global ROM will have “WW” within the version.
    For example: PNX-124A-0-00CN-B05.


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