Bootloader unlock for Nokia phones (downgrade + unlock after August 2018 update)

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Are you looking to unlock the bootloader on your Nokia Android smartphone? This service is here to help you out. We will unlock the bootloader on your Nokia smartphone, irrespective of the security patch. We offer the service remotely over TeamViewer or other remote desktop apps.

Note: Please order using the email address you can check. We will contact you over email to get more details about your device and your TeamViewer/AnyDesk details.

With this service order you will get:

  • Remote assistance (using TeamViewer or AnyDesk) to downgrade your device’s bootloader.
  • Remote assistance to unlock the bootloader and flash the stock ROM.
  • Basic help and assistance to install Magisk and root.

100% guaranteed bootloader unlocks. Else we will refund the amount paid.

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This service is to unlock the bootloader on Nokia smartphones running August 2018 or a newer update. Nokia tried to block the unlocks, but there’s always a way.

It is possible to downgrade the bootloader on the updated phones. Once downgraded, the device will accept the unlock key and it can be unlocked. You can update the device again after it is unlocked. The bootloader will not lock automatically by software updates.

Unlocked bootloader is the first requirement before you can root your Nokia smartphone. Once unlocked, you can use TWRP or Magisk patched images to install Magisk and gain root access.

Supported phones for bootloader unlock:

  • Nokia 2
  • Nokia 2.1 (alternate method, no unlock key)
  • Nokia 2V – Verizon (alternate method, no unlock key)
  • Nokia 5
  • Nokia 6
  • Nokia 6.1
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • Nokia 7
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Nokia 8
  • Nokia X71

For Nokia 8 Sirocco & Nokia 7.1, check this service.

Check which security patch is installed on your phone

  • On your phone, open Settings > System > About phone.
  • Check the date underneath the heading – Android Security Patch.
  • If it is August 1, 2018 (or anything newer than that), then your device is updated to the new security.

14 reviews for Bootloader unlock for Nokia phones (downgrade + unlock after August 2018 update)

  1. Viktor

    For my Nokia 7 Plus TA-1062.
    I bought an unlock code half a year ago and never used it. Tried it recently and did not work.
    Emailed Narender on a Sunday and he responded within the hour, at 2AM India time!
    He explained to me why the code no longer works. And offered to help me change my Nokia to the global ROM for a tiny fee. Everything was sorted out within an hour.
    Fast, cheap, reliable and friendly. Would recommend 100%. I will be back if I ever need another Nokia debugged!

  2. luukesselbr (verified owner)

    Great remote service and fast respond. Downgrading and unlocking went without any issues. Very happy with the unlocked boot loader

  3. Jerome (verified owner)

    Very good, straightforward, fast. Iā€™m very pleased to have finally got rid of this annoying Chinese version. Thanks.

  4. moshufc (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot!

    Despite my lack of internet I managed to pool it out on unblocking the bootloader and put TWRP 3.2.3-0 on my Nokia 6 PLE-TA-1021. I managed to root the phone, most important!

    Thanks a lot! šŸ˜‰šŸ¤—

  5. Nexxusone (verified owner)

    just used this service on a Nokia 7 plus TA-1055 (single sim UK version) downgraded from pie 9.0 with feb 2019 security patch back to 8.1.0 (to allow fitbit to sync again) this included boot loader down grade, boot loader unlock and flashing of 8.1.0 all for at time of review Ā£6.12p GBP or $8.00 – well worth money – polite and easy to follow instructions for when you need to help unlock (manual steps) I would say 96% of unlock done remotely. HAPPY with service.

  6. Scott.Z (verified owner)

    Great support to my Nokia 6.1 plus convert to globle version, now the phone running Android One without pre-install apps totally clean and pure Android. Everything is remotely and only some button combine need to press. Thanks Narender.

  7. Milan (verified owner)

    Fast response and great service!

  8. Brian (verified owner)

    Very fast compared to other remote services and great service. Highly recommended. Its well worth the money and I will definetly use this service if needed again.

  9. Antonio (verified owner)

    Great job! Fast and reliable service! Thanks again!

    Antonio from Italy

  10. Isaac (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this professional service, fast and responsive, but most importantly trustworthy.
    I was a little nervous at first given the firmware level access, but they are able to talk through the steps over Telegram, so I was able to follow the instructions myself.
    Well worth the $8, and would do this for any of my friends with Nokia’s!

  11. Francesco Bonacina (verified owner)

    fast, helpful and friendly. Done within the day.
    No issues. Bootloader unlocked for my nokia 6.1 from 2018.
    His service was worth more than the $8 price.

    Too bad nokia can’t have this kind of service. Emailed them about the issue. Usual PR answer.
    Sorry only nokia 8 can unlock bootloader. NO reason given.

  12. Petros (verified owner)

    Excellent and fast! Got in touch within hours, and very successfully and professionally delivered! Was considerate enough to warn me to close any confidential files I could potentially have open in the PC before connecting and after the job was done, offered to help if I had any questions in the future. Thank you!

  13. Andrew (verified owner)

    Unlocked bootloader in a few minutes, his service is amazing. Couldn’t be better

  14. N.Suzuki (verified owner)

    Excellent !
    Although my Windows is Japanese, it handled without any problem.
    Thank you very much.

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